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    Member’s loan is insured with Paramount Insurance Company and for that reason if a member has died his loan will be paid by Paramount upon submission on the supporting documents.

    In return, KBMPC will give back the money paid by the member for the said loan to his beneficiary.


    Each member is encouraged to be part of the Damay Impok Program wherein every member who joined will deposit an amount of Five Hundred Pesos (Php 500.00). When a member died, P50 will be deducted to each member who joined Damay Impok Program and will be given to member’s beneficiary. In addition if an immediate family member died, P20 will be deducted to each member.

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How to be a member of KBMPC?

Just go to the office of Kabalikat in Paseo del Congreso, our staff will give you the Application Form that you need to fill-up. Don’t forget to bring 2 pcs of 2 x 2 ID Picture; Latest Utility (Meralco) billing and photocopy of any Government Issued ID.

How much is the fee to be a member of KBMPC?

There are two kinds of membership in KBMPC:
    1. Associate Members
      • Savings Deposit P1,000.00
        Damay Impok 500.00
        Membership Fee 300.00
        ID 50.00
        Total P1,850.00
    2. Regular Members
      • Share Capital P5,000.00
        Extended Deposit 100.00
        Savings Deposit 1000.00
        Damay Impok 500.00
        Membership Fee 300.00
        ID 50.00
        Total P 6,950.00

How much can a member borrow?

As high as P200,000.00 subject to the amount of Share Capital with KBMPC and result of Credit Investigation.

How many shares does a P5,000 be?

With P5,000, a member is the owner of 50 shares (at P100.00 per share) and a member can buy additional

What is the going interest rate of KBMPC?

On the average, the Interest Rate is at 1% per month. KBMPC is implementing the diminishing balance as basis for loan computation in compliance with the Truth in Lending Act.

Can I refer a friend to be a member of KBMPC?

Yes, KMBPC is gladly welcom referrals from friends and there is a corresponding incentive for members who bring a new member.

Can an institution like school be a member of KBMPC?

No, but the employees can be a member. KBMPC and the institution can discuss ways on how their employees be a member.

How can we maximize our earnings as members of KBMPC?

By patronizing the services and products of KBMPC, members can maximize earnings thru the dividend and patronage refund.