How to be a member of KBMPC?

Just go to the office of Kabalikat in Paseo del Congreso, our staff will give you the Application Form that you need to fill-up. Don’t forget to bring 2 pcs of 2 x 2 ID Picture; Latest Utility (Meralco) billing and photocopy of any Government Issued ID.

How much is the fee to be a member of KBMPC?

There are two kinds of membership in KBMPC:
    1. Associate Members
      • Savings Deposit P1,000.00
        Damay Impok 500.00
        Membership Fee 300.00
        ID 50.00
        Total P1,850.00
    2. Regular Members
      • Share Capital P5,000.00
        Extended Deposit 100.00
        Savings Deposit 1000.00
        Damay Impok 500.00
        Membership Fee 300.00
        ID 50.00
        Total P 6,950.00

How much can a member borrow?

As high as P200,000.00 subject to the amount of Share Capital with KBMPC and result of Credit Investigation.

How many shares does a P5,000 be?

With P5,000, a member is the owner of 50 shares (at P100.00 per share) and a member can buy additional

What is the going interest rate of KBMPC?

On the average, the Interest Rate is at 1% per month. KBMPC is implementing the diminishing balance as basis for loan computation in compliance with the Truth in Lending Act.

Can I refer a friend to be a member of KBMPC?

Yes, KMBPC is gladly welcom referrals from friends and there is a corresponding incentive for members who bring a new member.

Can an institution like school be a member of KBMPC?

No, but the employees can be a member. KBMPC and the institution can discuss ways on how their employees be a member.

How can we maximize our earnings as members of KBMPC?

By patronizing the services and products of KBMPC, members can maximize earnings thru the dividend and patronage refund.